Recharge Claro Honduras

You can recharge Claro Honduras in a safe and simple way at Claro is a provider of mobile telecommunication services in Latin America. Besides mobile telephone services, it offers a large range of mobile Internet, television and fixed telephone services. The company goal is to offer its customers a service that is as clear as it can be, without any excess details. In Honduras, Claro is the first company that offers an UMTS 1900 MHz network.

How do I check my Claro Honduras credit balance?

You can check your Claro Honduras calling credit balance anywhere and anytime you like by calling *55. This number informs you of your current calling credit balance. This service is entirely free of charge.

How long is my Claro Honduras credit valid?

All Claro calling credit has a 90-day validity. Therefore, after getting a recharge, you have 90 days to spend that credit, after which it expires. However, you get a bonus credit with every credit. This bonus credit has limited validity. The higher the recharge amount, the longer the validity of the bonus calling credit. More information can be found on the Claro website.

How do I contact the Claro Honduras customer service?

  • E-mail address:
  • Telephone number: *73 (mobile) 2205- 0000 (fixed)
  • Website: