Recharge Vodafone India from Australia

Getting a Vodafone recharge online for India is safe and simple at Vodafone India is one of the largest providers in the country with over 140 million users. Vodafone focuses on its powerful 3G network in India and together with its high-quality technology it manages to assure its customers the best quality.

How do I check my Vodafone India credit balance?

Vodafone India likes to allow you to be informed of your current phone credit anytime and anywhere. This will prevent you from being unpleasantly surprised. You can get this information by entering *141# into your mobile phone and pressing the send button. Within seconds, you receive a message including your current credit.

How long is my Vodafone India phone credit valid?

The Vodafone India phone credit has limited validity. A certain period after recharging, the credit expires and you will have to recharge online again. The exact length of the period can be found on the Vodafone India website.

How do I contact the Vodafone India customer service?

  • E-mail address:
  • Telephone number: +91 97960 97960
  • Website: