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Start your fitness journey: top 4 workout apps

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Start your fitness journey: top 4 workout apps
Digital lifestyle

The new year is coming, with it, the “start fitness journey” resolution. Discover the top 4 apps for home workouts and smash it!

With the new year in sight, it’s normal to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, from saving more money and planning to move houses to embark on one of the most common resolutions: creating a fitness routine. The wish to start fresh in the new year and prioritise health and wellness is undeniable. However, adjusting your schedule can be difficult sometimes. In this article, we’ll explore the options of home workouts and introduce you to the top 4 home workout apps for the year ahead. 

The Benefits of Home Workouts

Home workouts offer many advantages, making them appealing for enthusiasts to start a fitness journey.

  1. Convenience: No need to brave the cold or fight traffic to get to the gym. Home workouts can fit seamlessly into your daily routine.
  2. Privacy: Feel self-conscious at the gym? Working out at home gives you the privacy to exercise without feeling judged.
  3. Comfort: You can create your ideal workout environment at home, from the temperature and music to the equipment you use.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Home workouts save you money on gym memberships and commute expenses.

Virtual Fitness Communities

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of virtual fitness communities and online fitness challenges. These communities offer support, motivation, and a sense of belonging, even in the digital realm. They allow you to connect with like-minded individuals, share your progress, and receive encouragement, fostering a strong sense of accountability.

Your Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips

Fitness apps have become indispensable tools for effective home workouts. They offer a virtual personal trainer experience, guiding you through workouts, tracking your progress, and helping you achieve your fitness goals. With many workout options, these apps cater to various fitness levels and preferences, ensuring something for everyone.

Key Factors to Consider

When selecting the right fitness app for your fitness journey, several factors should be considered:

  1. User-friendly Interface: The app should be easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless workout experience.
  2. Workout Variety: Look for apps that offer a wide range of workouts to keep things exciting and challenging.
  3. Progress Tracking: Tracking your progress is crucial for motivation and improvement.
  4. Customisation: The app should allow you to tailor workouts to your individual fitness goals.

Top 4 apps to start a fitness journey

#1 Nike Training Club:

  • Description: Nike Training Club offers a wide range of guided workout routines, from strength training to yoga, with clear instructions and video demonstrations. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.
  • Key Features: Customisable workouts, expert guidance, progress tracking, and workout plans.
  • Availability: Available for both iOS and Android.

#2 7 Minute Workout:

  • Description: The 7 Minute Workout app is perfect for those with busy schedules. It provides quick and effective workouts that you can do in just seven minutes, making it easy to fit exercise into your day.
  • Key Features: Short, intense workouts, customisable routines, and video demonstrations.
  • Availability: Available for both iOS and Android.

#3 Fitbod:

    • Description: Fitbod is a personalised workout app that creates custom workout plans based on your fitness goals, equipment availability, and progress. It adapts to your performance, ensuring challenging but achievable workouts.
    • Key Features: Personalised workout plans, progress tracking, exercise library, and workout variety.
    • Availability: Available for both iOS and Android.

#4 Yoga for Beginners:

    • Description: Yoga for Beginners is an excellent app for those looking to start their yoga journey. It offers easy-to-follow yoga routines, guided meditation sessions, and detailed instructions suitable for beginners.
    • Key Features: Beginner-friendly yoga routines, meditation sessions, and step-by-step instructions.
    • Availability: Available for both iOS and Android.

Does My Phone Have Everything I Need to Start My Fitness Journey?

In today’s connected world, accessing the internet is essential for fitness apps and online communities. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can still stay connected using 5G technology. Many smartphones have 5G capabilities, allowing you to access workouts and virtual communities from virtually anywhere.

Additionally, for those who need to stay connected while on the go, Recharge.com’s mobile top-up service provides a convenient solution. You can easily top up your mobile balance from the comfort of your home, ensuring you’re always connected, even if you’re far from Wi-Fi.

As we venture into 2024, it’s clear that embarking on a fitness journey from home is not only practical but also incredibly rewarding. Home workout apps offer the guidance and support needed to achieve your fitness goals. We encourage you to explore the recommended fitness apps mentioned in this article and visit Recharge.com to learn more about their mobile top-up service, which can keep you connected wherever your fitness journey takes you. Start 2024 off on the right foot by prioritising your health and fitness from the comfort of your home.

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Maria Clara Goldani