Top up Virgin Mobile KSA online

Staying connected
Top up Virgin Mobile KSA online
Staying connected

Forget the old ways to top up your prepaid phone. Get call credit, data and bundles for Virgin Mobile KSA within seconds on

Wondering how top up Virgin Mobile KSA? You can easily do that online on To top up your prepaid mobile in KSA, you don’t need to be located there or have a Saudi debit or credit card. Read further to find out how to top up your Virgin mobile prepaid mobile from anywhere in the world.
Here’s how it works. 

How to top up Virgin Mobile KSA online:

  1. Head to the page on
  2. Select the mobile top-up you want. Choose from the wide selection of call credit we offer, and click ‘Order safely’.
  3. Enter the Saudi number you want to top up. Please ensure that the number you’re providing is correct and belongs to the Saudi Virgin Mobile network. We’ll send the mobile top-up directly to this phone.
  4. Pay securely with your favourite payment method. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Apple Pay. You don’t need a Saudi debit or credit card to proceed. That’s handy if you’re recharging a Virgin Mobile phone in KSA from abroad.
Payment complete? We’ll send your mobile top-up directly to the phone number you provided. You’ll be ready to call in just a minute. That’s how you top up Virgin Mobile KSA online! 

Even easier via the app

If you want to top up Virgin Mobile KSA, or any other mobile operator worldwide within seconds, you should download the app! It’s available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Just some of its advantages are:

  • Easy reorders: Once you’ve made a top up using the app, it’ll be faster the next time – it only takes 3 taps!
  • Top up reminders: If you sometimes forget to top up your Virgin Mobile SIM on time, you can set up a reminder via the app. This is also handy if you’re topping up someone else’s phone and you want to make sure you’re on time.
  • More than mobile top up: In the app, you can purchase digital gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and more.

Whether you top up via the website or the app, enjoy the smoothest top up experience of your life!



Written by

Kristina Kalpaklieva