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Transcash ticket: 3 good reasons to try it right now

Staying connected
Transcash ticket: 3 good reasons to try it right now
Staying connected

Pay online conveniently and safely with a Transcash ticket. Available to use when and where you need it.

We’re all paying more and more online. Anything from clothes, to books or a new kitchen sink, is online. And then there are the many online (streaming) services we all know and love.

In the past, paying online meant you had to share a lot of personal information and banking details. This is especially true when you’re paying with credit cards. In recent years, however, sharing your personal and banking details online has become less attractive. Cybercriminals target online stores and services to steal information. According to Statista, at least 1001 data breaches happened in 2020 alone, leading to 158 million records being exposed.

One great solution to this problem is to share as little information as possible. But how do you protect yourself while still being able to conveniently pay online? Enter the prepaid credit card. Enter Transcash.


All the Safety and Convenience of a prepaid credit card

Transcash is a prepaid credit card. That means you pay with it just like you would with any other credit card. But it doesn’t work on a loan that you have to pay back. Instead, it’s reloadable. You put credit on it with a Transcash ticket. You can pay with Transcash online wherever Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

This means you’re protected against cybercriminals. They can’t abuse your credit card information if you control the amount of money it holds. And as an added bonus you can only spend what you load on your card with a Transcash ticket. That mean’s you’re protected from overspending with your credit card as well. You can find out more about the convenience of using Transcash ticket on their website.

Another interesting feature Transcash offers are their so-called dual pack money sharing cards. Here you get two prepaid credit cards, one primary and the other secondary. You can reload the primary card with a Transcash ticket the way described above and transfer money from the primary card to the secondary card at any time, anywhere. The secondary card can’t be reloaded. This is great if you’re sharing money with a child to pay online, but want to protect them from overspending.


Transcash codes are valid for a whole year

Transcash codes are valid for a year. That means you don’t have to spend them immediately. Maybe you’re saving up for something big. If you’re looking to set aside some money, you can do that by buying a Transcash ticket. You don’t have to load it on your card. You can just set it aside until you need it.

Good to know: Buying a Transcash Ticket online doesn’t mean you need to have or share your bank account during the purchase. You can easily buy Transcash with PayPal. To create a PayPal account, you don’t need a bank account. That means you can keep your privacy online without having to sacrifice convenience.


Easy to use across the world

You can use Transcash online, but also offline! With TransCash Multi-Currency Travel cards you can use your Transcash ticket to pay across the globe. With it, you can hold money in up to 16 currencies. And you can withdraw cash from ATMs. Perfect for when you’re travelling.

The benefit of a TransCash Travel card is that you can lock in the currency rate each time you load the card. That means you know exactly how much money you have loaded on your card and avoid the hassle and uncertainty of currency exchange overseas.


Where can you buy a Transcash Ticket?

Looking to pay online with Transcash? it’s very easy to buy a Transcash ticket online. You can do so right here on Recharge.com. Simply visit our Transcash ticket page and select the amount you want to reload your card with. Enter your email address and pay with your favourite payment method. That’s it! You’re Transcash ticket will arrive in 30 seconds in your inbox. Ready for you to use.

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Kristina Kalpaklieva