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Flexepin voucher: What it is and why you should try it

Safety online
Flexepin voucher: What it is and why you should try it
Safety online

Find out why Flexepin vouchers are the preferred online payment method of many people. Use Flexepin as a prepaid credit card and stay safe online.

What is Flexepin? A Flexepin online voucher is an easy to use money voucher that you use instead of money from your bank account, or from a regular credit card. You can use the voucher to pay for online goods and services from any Flexepin merchants – and use it to shop, book trips and more.

See Flexepin as a prepaid credit card. The disadvantage of using a regular credit card? You build up a debt that you have to repay (often at an inconvenient time).
With a Flexepin online ticket as a prepaid credit card you pay for your expenses in advance and you do not build up any debt.

You can pay online with a Flexepin code just like with a credit card. Or you can use it as a Flexepin gift card for others. And even use it on websites where many (prepaid) credit cards or money vouchers are not accepted.


What is Flexepin online?

The Flexepin online voucher improves online security and privacy in online spending and is safe and easy to use. All you need to start shopping with Flexepin merchants is your voucher code. But what are the other benefits of using Flexepin online?

  1. Paying with Flexepin is a secure way to pay online without providing personal information or bank account details.
  2. Sending money as a gift to anyone with an e-mail address (worldwide) is easy with Flexepin.
  3. If you can’t get (or don’t want) a credit card, using Flexepin offers a safe payment solution.
  4. Buying and using Flexepin online money codes is easy, safe and fast.
  5. Flexepin codes are one of the few accepted payment methods on many online betting websites.


How can you buy Flexepin online?

Buying a Flexepin voucher or code online is easy at Recharge.com. Choose your Flexepin code for the desired amount and pay safely and securely with your preferred payment method. It’s even possible to buy Flexepin with PayPal. Immediately after receiving the Flexepin code from certified reseller Recharge.com or from one of the Flexepin merchants online, you can activate the code and pay with it.

Do you need a Flexepin code for immediate online shopping? After purchase your code will be emailed to you within minutes. Have you spent all the money on your voucher? Just buy a new one!

Buy Flexepin online ✓ Many vouchers available ✓ Receive your code instantly by email ✓ More than 23 safe payment methods



Using your Flexepin code

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Buy your Flexepin code.
  2. Visit the shop or favourite Flexepin merchants website where you want to pay with your code.
  3. Select Flexepin as a payment method.
  4. Enter the amount of your deposit. It shouldn’t exceed the value of your Flexepin voucher.
  5. Enter the 16-digit pin code into the provided field.
  6. Confirm your payment.


Buy Flexepin for online betting

Unlike with many other money vouchers and prepaid credit cards, Flexepin can be used on many online betting and casino websites. Flexepin can also be used for micro payments and you can even buy crypto coins with it. Here you can check if a website accepting Flexepin as a payment method is legit.


Buy Flexepin with PayPal

There are several benefits to buying Flexepin with PayPal. First of all, you don’t have to share all your bank- or credit card details to pay for your voucher. This keeps your personal data safer.

No worries about your data leaking from a Flexepin merchants website. Another benefit of buying money vouchers such as Flexepin with PayPal; there are no processing fees for your payment! All you need to pay for your purchases is your email address linked to your PayPal account to buy your Flexepin online.


How long is a Flexepin voucher valid for?

Your Flexepin code can be used indefinitely, as long as you haven’t spent the money on it. However, you will see an expiry date on your voucher. After this date you can still use the code to pay, but after this date extra processing costs for the payment may be charged. Find out more on our Flexepin FAQ page here!


Using Flexepin gift cards

Do you want to transfer money to a distant friend or family member? Choose a convenient Flexepin gift card. Sending a Flexepin money voucher is a lot easier than transferring money by bank, and costs less. You choose the value of the voucher you want to buy, fill in the e-mail address of the recipient of your gift and pay. Your gift will be on its way to a very happy recipient!

Tip: Always double-check the e-mail address you enter when buying a Flexepin online voucher, to make sure that your code doesn’t end up with anyone but you (or with another intended recipient of your voucher).


Choose convenience with Flexepin

Besides Flexepin tickets, we offer more prepaid credit cards, gift cards and phone credit at Recharge.com. Pay for your Flexepin with PayPal, or with another preferred method of payment. You can safely and easily send money vouchers, gift codes or phone credit to yourself or to loved ones.

Do you want to be able to reorder or top-up without any hassle? Install our handy Recharge.com app for iOS and Android.

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Kristina Kalpaklieva