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Best offline music apps

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Best offline music apps
Digital lifestyle

Enough of music apps draining your data. Find out the best offline music apps and start enjoying them today!

Many studies show the positive impact of music on our lives. It can help you improve your mood, enhance your performance and even sleep better. But there is one situation with music that can irritate anyone: when you’re listening, and the music stops out of nowhere because you have a bad internet connection. But there’s no need to worry anymore. We have found the best offline music apps for you.


#1 Spotify

While Spotify is primarily known for its streaming service, it offers an offline mode for Premium subscribers. This lets you download songs, playlists, and podcasts directly to your device for offline listening. The premium plan costs €9,99 / month, and Spotify offers alternative options of plans: Student Plan (€4,99 / month), the Duo Plan (€12,99 / month), and the Family Plan (€15,99 / month).

  • Positive: It has a large music library and a variety of personalized playlists based on your listening habits.
  • Negative: The free version has frequent ads and limited functionality compared to the premium version.


#2 Apple Music

Similar to Spotify, Apple Music also offers offline listening to its subscribers. You can download tracks, albums, and curated playlists for offline play. Don’t have an Apple device? Don’t worry, Apple Music is available for all devices. You can subscribe to the Voice plan for €4,99 / month, the Individual Plan for €10,99 / month, or the Family Plan for €16,99 / month.

  • Positive: Offers exclusive content and seamless integration with Apple devices.
  • Negative: The user interface can be less intuitive than other services, particularly for non-Apple users.


#3 Deezer

This service offers an offline mode for its Premium subscribers. With Deezer, you can download your favourite albums and playlists for listening without an internet connection. The individual version costs €10,99 per month, while the Family plan (up to 6 users) costs €17,99 per month.

  • Positive: Offers a feature called Flow, a personalized stream of music tailored to your tastes.
  • Negative: Some users find it has less selection than Spotify or Apple Music, particularly for certain genres or regions.


#4 SoundCloud

SoundCloud has over 150 million users. You can quickly upload, share, comment and promote music on the platform. With the Go+ subscription, you can listen to music offline, access the whole music catalogue and enjoy it with the best audio quality for €9,99 / month. If you want to spend less, you can choose the Go subscription, but you won’t be able to access the whole catalogue and won’t have the best audio quality.

  • Positive: Wide Variety of Content: SoundCloud is known for its diverse and expansive library of songs, including content from independent artists and up-and-comers.

Negative: Limited Library for Mainstream Music: While SoundCloud shines with its variety of independent and user-uploaded content, its library of mainstream music isn’t as extensive as those of services like Spotify or Apple Music.


Trying offline music apps

If you want to try one of these offline music apps but don’t want to subscribe, you can always buy a digital gift card. This way, you won’t make any long-term commitments, and you can try more than one to see which fits your needs best. At Recharge.com you can find many options for digital gift cards. Enjoy it!

If you don’t want to run out of data while listening to music, you can always top up your mobile in just a few taps.

Now that you can enjoy your favourite music without worrying about using all your data, find the Best Offline Mobile Games.

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Maria Clara Goldani