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Türk Telekom

About Türk Telekom

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Често задавани въпроси

  • How do I top up my Türk Telekom phone?

    Enter *103*code# into your mobile phone and then press the call button. Your credit will then be topped up automatically.

  • How can I check my Türk Telekom balance?

    You can check your current balance by calling Türk Telekom customer service on 12322 (from your Türk Telekom mobile phone number) and then following the instructions in the menu.

  • What are Türk Telekom vouchers and how do I use them?

    You can purchase O2 vouchers that can be used for your Türk Telekom phone. Simply enter*103*code# to use the O2 vouchers on your Türk Telekom phone.

  • How can I contact the Türk Telekom customer service?

    Any questions? This is how you can get in touch with the O2 customer service:

    Contact the O2 customer service for more information on Türk Telekom.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions can be found on the O2 website.

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