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Top Up - Airtime
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Recharge prepaid phone credit

Recharge airtime of your prepaid phone fast and easily. Also for family and friends abroad in 70+ countries.

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300+ carriers in 70+ countries
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Pay as you go prepaid refill

Do you have a Pay as you Go prepaid plan and do you want a prepaid phone refill? You can safely refill your airtime at Recharge.com for all American providers, such as AT&T US, T-Mobile US, and Verizon US. Additionally, you can refill the phone credit of providers in 70+ other countries. Refill your airtime immediately in a fast and simple way using three steps. At step 1, enter the country to which the airtime refill needs to be made. At step 2, enter the mobile phone number of which the credit needs to be refilled. At step 3, enter the e-mail address at which a confirmation of the order and payment will be received. Finally, click the continue button. After payment, the phone credit is automatically added to the remaining airtime balance.

Payment methods
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Available carriers in United States