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Getting a Boost Mobile reboost is safe and simple at Recharge.com. Boost Mobile offers prepaid wireless plans to American consumers. Originally, the company started in 2000 and its headquarters are based in Irvine, California. Boost Mobile is known for its Monthly Unlimited Plans and Pay As You Go Plans, which involve making use of services such as text messaging, the web and e-mail. Currently, Boost Mobile reaches over 280 million people with its services.

You can get a Boost Mobile refill for yourself or friends in a simple and safe way by taking the three steps below. At step 1, enter the country to which the refill needs to be made. At step 2, enter the mobile phone number of which the credit needs to be refilled. At step 3, enter the e-mail address at which a confirmation of the order and payment will be received. Finally, click the continue button. After payment, the phone credit is automatically added to the remaining credit balance.

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Payment methods
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Boost mobile information

Request phone credit balance
You can request your Boost Mobile account balance by entering #BAL (#225) into the Boost Mobile Phone of which you want to request the current credit balance. Then, you immediately get information about the remaining Boost Mobile phone credit.

Phone credit validity
Boost Mobile phone credit has limited validity. It is important to refill the phone credit at least every 90 days. If you don’t do that, the credit expires and you can no longer make use of services. Then, you have a certain period to get a Boost Mobile phone credit refill after all, so services are running again.

Customer service contact details
Telephone number: 1-866-402-7366
Website contact form: http://www.boostmobile.com/support/contact-customer-service/
Website: http://www.boostmobile.com

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