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Uninor online recharge

Getting a Uninor online recharge can be done in a fast and safe way due to Recharge.com. You can easily get an online recharge of the Uninor prepaid phone credit for yourself or friends and family. Originally, Uninor is an Indian mobile network operator from the Gurgaon region in India. The company is mainly active in India offering various Uninor prepaid solutions. Uninor provides mobile prepaid plans to roughly 32 million people throughout India.

You can start the Uninor online recharge here by completing the three steps below. Enter the country to which the recharge needs to be made at step 1. At step 2, the mobile phone number of which the credit needs to be recharged is entered. At step 3, a valid e-mail address is entered to allow an order confirmation to be received by e-mail. After successful payment, the phone credit is recharged automatically.

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Payment methods
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Uninor India information

Request phone credit
There are two ways to request your Uninor phone credit balance. First of all, you can call 123 from a Uninor mobile phone. You can also enter *363*4# and then press the call button. Then, your current Uninor phone credit balance is displayed.

Phone credit validity
You can request your phone credit validity by entering *363*4# into your Uninor mobile phone. Then, the current Uninor phone credit is displayed. Besides, you can see the validity of your Uninor phone credit.

Customer service contact details
Telephone number: 9059090590
E-mail address: care@uninor.in
Website: Uninor India website